Flexibility, that is first and foremost what we offer. Our machines are set up to produce both one-off prints and mid-sized production runs quickly and efficiently. We’ve everything we need literally to hand to work on new products without requiring expensive, time-consuming startup process. Even our prototypes undergo an automated optical inspection before we dispatch them.

This flexible and efficient way of working, combined with years of experience and expertise, means that today we are specialists in a wide range of areas within the field of electronics.

Electronics is increasingly about connecting equipment and users. We are specialized in both wireless (e.g. Wi-Fi, ZigBee, 6Lowpan, GSM/GPRS/UMTS and IrDA) and wired (e.g. RS-485, RS-232, CAN, Ethernet, Fiber) communications media. We’re happy to work with you to identify the most suitable technology for the application you have in mind, which can depend on a range of factors. Including the conditions, security and reliability requirements, and power supply. We can also develop various Internet of Things solutions using our own wireless modules.

Without sensors, electronics don’t work. Electronic applications use the information sensors provide to ‘draw their conclusions’ and send these through to actuators. We follow the rapid on-going developments in the field of affordable sensors very closely. Which means we can equip your product with the latest micro-electromechanical sensors, in miniature, to calculate for example humidity, pressure, acceleration, GPS coordinates or light intensity. But we’re equally comfortable working with traditional sensors with an analogue front-end to measure factors such as pH, conductivity or temperature.

Nearly all electronic devices are equipped with an embedded microcontroller that converts signals from sensors into the right actions. We develop the software, or ‘firmware’, for those microcontrollers. And our library of software is now so large that we can quickly make any new product operational. We offer countless solutions, from remote firmware updates to real-time embedded operating systems.

A LED with a push-button, keypad aluminum foil or a full-color graphic display with capacitive touchscreen: whatever your budget, we can develop a user-friendly interface. Over the years we’ve successfully implemented many different solutions and the possibilities here are endless.

Got an existing product that can’t be delivered or with various obsolete components? Drawing on our extensive know-how we first analyze your product then reproduce it with components that are available.