For over 20 years Kago has produced our electronics for the automation of our climate, irrigation and workforce regulation. Originally working for PB, a predecessor of HortiMax. We approach projects jointly as partners, with Kago responsible for the electronics aspects and HortiMax for the functionality. This was how we together developed the CompactiMa Input/Output Modules for process control. Working with Kago is great – it’s almost like they’re colleagues. They find the optimal, most flexible solution and, especially during the run-up to projects, are extremely affordable. Lines of communication are short. We share a real aversion to overcomplicated projects. And to top it all, they’re really nice people.
Ad de Koning, Research & Development Director, HortiMax Growing Solutions

We regularly give Kago short-term development projects. We specify the requirements then in discussion with them agree the final goals. Along the way the odd change is often needed here or there; but that’s the nature of cutting-edge technology. Beforehand we know some issues we’ll only spot once we’ve started working. In that respect Kago are great to work with. They’re flexible but also come up with bold, innovative solutions using state-of-the-art hardware and software. Their electronics are lean & mean: no component is superfluous. They’ve got some smart people working there! And nothing is too much: it’s no problem if you call them on weekends or in the evening. When the going gets tough, the tough get going? That’s Kago. From production through to shipping, everything is equally well taken care of and everyone equally motivated. We’re so used to working with them now, it feels like they’re part of the company. And when a project’s finished, we celebrate it together.
Albert van der Hout — BU manager Hacousto Holland BV

When I was looking for a partner company to develop a multi-sensor, someone in my network tipped me off to try Kago. In our first meeting we had this immediate mutual understanding. They grasped exactly what I was looking for. Since then we’ve developed a multi-sensor together, a device on which various sensors can be ‘hung’ to measure, amongst other things, hydrogen, pressure and temperature. Kago was responsible for the electronics. On a technical level they deliver on their promises: doing what they say, and doing it very promptly. They don’t go in for smooth-talk: they say what they can do, and what they can’t. If you’re looking for a company that thinks with you and is value for money, you need look no further than Kago.
Willem van Raalte — owner Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions BV

A flexible development company with production capacity, that’s Kago Electronics. I’ve been one of their suppliers for years now. We’ve recently been working together on an Internet of Things application: easyRF. It was an idea we came up with while we just chatting together. They do the development and manufacturing, we do the sales and marketing. Transforming something from a concept into a piece of hardware? Leave it with Kago. And they’re fast: in no time they’d developed a prototype. So we could launch the product immediately at the D&E (Design Automation & Embedded Systems) Event. That’s typical of how we collaborate: communication is clear, we let each other be but can always ask things of one another. And they think with you and take the initiative. We often feel the same way about things.
Arco Snoey — Managing Director, TOP-electronics BV