Kago Electronics BV develops and fabricates printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and systems for industrial use. Our core qualities include flexibility and efficiency. And with our wealth of expertise and awareness of the latest developments within the electronics sector, we can add state-of-the-art functionality to any electronic product. Anything from a single print or medium-sized production to 100 pieces per type per month. And we can customize our machinery, which further speeds up prototyping processes.

99% of what we produce we develop ourselves. And because we have an exclusive stock of set components, we can operate fast and cost-effectively, with ready access to up-to-date stock. For us, it’s not the quantity but the quality of the PCBs we produce that matters most.

Kago Electronics BV consists of the owners Jouke Zijlstra and Martijn de Boer alongside a team of seven development and production workers.

Our approach

Rather than first-time-right, we believe in first-time-almost-right. We’d prefer to make an extra prototype, using the first one to tackle any teething problems. This is because we can custom-calibrate our equipment and we work with set components with which we’re very familiar, so it’s actually far quicker and cheaper to work this way than try to make a perfect first prototype.

Our adaptable machinery also means that at Kago every single prototype undergoes an automated optical inspection. We manage the entire chain ourselves: from purchasing to inventory management, product development to execution. If a component becomes obsolete, we do a last-time-buy for you. Then following the redesign of your product, develop an appropriate alternative component especially for you. Ensuring you get maximum product continuity. Just one of the reasons why we have longstanding partnerships with pretty well all our customers.


Should you require products in larger quantities, we can negotiate on your behalf with one of our permanent partners in Europe or Asia. For each product, we know exactly the right partner to involve. We take care of any preliminary work needed in the form of prototypes or pilot runs. Saving you time and money, and allowing our partner to focus immediately on what they do best: efficient mass production. We can also put you in touch with renowned designers to help you with the look-and-feel of your product.


We go that extra mile to meet the many diverse needs of our customers. Day in, day out trying to push back the limits of what’s possible in terms of electronics. And our close partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers ensure we stay up-to-speed with the latest developments in the sector.

Though they usually go unnoticed, it’s your product’s electronics that determine its lifespan, how well it functions and therefore ultimately how successful it will be. Which makes the experience of a genuine electronics expert absolutely essential — and it’s a role we fulfill with a real passion!